Step 1 - Determine the extent of the damage

This is a very crucial step in the repair process, it is the foundation to any repair and allows us to determine a) if the repair is feasible to proceed with b) if so, what considerations we might have to make.

So this is just figuring out how far the repair needs to travel to ensure the finish meets our repair standard. This also allows us the chance to determine if we need to replace parts that generally fall outside the repairable category and what parts needs to be removed to complete these repairs.

With this project this means we will need to remove the bumper and use a feathering process known in the industry as blending when spray painting, We will opt to blend the front passenger door and this will help us ensure there is little to no perceivable difference between the original paint and the new paint.


Step 3 - Repair

With this repair the damage has clearly pressed in the panel. There are a few options in these scenarios and this is benchmark scenario for correcting the damage to this panel.

A highly skilled technician will use multiple tools to pull the panel back out , and then smooth out the surface as flat as can be before applying a few thin layer of body filler which is intended to smooth out any small imperfections that would otherwise be very difficult to achieve without spending an enormous amount of additional time which would make any repair not feasible.

A good point to note here is any rough surface is left this will show immediately to even the untrained eye so great care is taken here to ensure a smooth surface remains.


Step 4 - Paint

Our Spray painters work extra hard to make sure we get the correct match for every vehicle that comes through our doors, this is the glamour in any repair, if we go wrong here it will show. We keep an up to date catalogue so no matter the colour, we can match it.

Here you will see our client wanted their front bumper to be restored and so as part of the overall repair the bumper has been sanded back striping away any pre-existing paint and repairing damage accumulated over its many years of service. You will also see that we have applied our blending technique to the door to help us with colour consistency.